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Wendy does all of our haircuts. She's great. Not only as a stylist but a super friendly person in general. Have always gone to her for all of the services. She knows what the (3) boys need and delivers a great haircut each and every time. Highly recommend her even if you have to make an appointment and wait for the days she's working. She's worth the wait. Professional and friendly every time. Thanks.

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It is my desire with this review that no other person suffers such an appalling experience as I did today. Please note that my typical response to a slightly poor haircut is to shrug it off and let my hair grow back out. If the cut is so poor it needs tidying I'll return and request it be cleaned up and know to avoid the particular barber/stylist in the future. In this instance however, the cut and experience were so bad I don't foresee myself returning at all for fear the sight of the stylist inspires me to remember what I hope to, once my hair grows back, forget. If I could give zero stars, I would. The experience is adequately summarized as a hair butchering from Paige... For detail, the way she handled my hair was so forceful I felt as if she was nearly as angry as I now am and she was taking it out on me. There are multiple scratches in the back of my head from her rough use of clippers. Requested approximately an inch off the top, (verified the length with her when she used her fingers to mark out a length on my hair to remove, I asked for less, which she then verified with with her fingers on my hair the second shorter length to remove) she took so much off that my hair barely reaches the sides of my head when parted in the center... it used to come down to the middle of my ears. My bangs, when parted, no longer frame the top of my face and instead sit lopsided, one side approximately a half inch longer than the other. It was my request for a 3 with the clippers around the ears and back of my neck, tapered down to a 2 or 1, she took the 3 all the way up the sides and back as if I had asked for a high and tight. (Most other barbers or stylists I've had work with my hair have noticed the cowlick toward the back and side of my head and mentioned how I should be careful of having that area cut too short else it will poof out without significant use of styling product. She either didn't notice or didn't care and sure enough I'm now conscripted to have to use product in my hair or wear a hat until it grows out enough to weigh itself down again.) When she asked if I styled my hair back I replied, “sometimes, but mostly I part it in the center” and she proceeded to slick my hair back with product and continue what I now know to have been removing nearly every ounce of hair from the sides of my head. Sadly I have terrible eyesight without my glasses (which I had removed after verifying the length to be taken off the top) and didn't discover how obscene the situation was until it was far too late. Instead of blowing up right there I decided to take a drive to calm down and assess the full extent of the damage in the confines of my own home. While I am rather partial to the longer hair I once had on the top of my head, and wish to let it grow back out, I've got a series of rather important meetings in two days. Thus it appears I will begrudgingly get a new haircut (who knows where now...) to have even more hair removed in an effort to clean up this hack job and hopefully regain some semblance of a presentable hairstyle. As unfortunately wearing a hat is not an acceptable option at the meetings.

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Phuong H. | December 2, 2019 Stylist

"Wendy does all of our haircuts. She's great. Not only as a stylist but a super friendly person in "

Jeffrey H | May 8, 2017 Stylist

"It is my desire with this review that no other person suffers such an appalling experience as I did "